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Higgins' Scuffs

My first recollection of reading an article by Tom Higgins was in August of 1994.  It was an article published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and it was an article about the inaugural Brickyard 400.  I once saw an adverstisment by Ned Jarrett on TNN for a book series by racing historian Greg Fielden.  The series was endorsed by Tom Higgins himself.  When I ordered the set, it came with several papers of testimonials about the book series.  One in particular was from non other than Tom Higgins.

I read the article that he wrote and then started searching for Tom Higgins on the internet (in the days before Google).  I learned that he was a writer for The Charlotte Observer.  I did find a few articles that he wrote for race summaries, back from the 1996 season.  Years later, as the internet evolved, I stumbled across a column on the same Charlotte Observer website with a series of articles by non other than Tom Higgins.  I have many of the original files that I downloaded, starting in 2005, and continued downloading as many articles as I could, up through 2013 when I could no longer find any new articles had been posted.  Some of the articles even include the original comments that were posted about the article.

I dedicate this section of my website to Tom Higgins, aka 'Pappy'.  A legendary sportswriter who covered NASCAR from 1964 through 1997.  Thanks for the memories Tom, Rest in Peace!

Higgins' Scuffs - 2005    
08-29-2005  Black Arm Bands for the Lady in Black       10-21-2005  Hurricane Jimmy
09-02-2005  Les Richter, Racing's Football Legend   10-27-2005  Wallace's talent hasn't 'Rusty-ed'
09-06-2005  A Ray of Color   11-01-2005  Baker was buoyed by win at another Texas Track
09-12-2005  The King: Kudos for the Chase   11-08-2005  A Red Head in Red Rock Country
09-15-2005  A Middle Aged Streaker   11-10-2005  A Man Called Hutch
09-20-2005  Feudin', Fussin' And Fightin'   11-17-2005  Rousing Racer Ricky Rudd
09-27-2005  The Boycott By The Good Ol' Boys   11-23-2005  Viva, Las Vegas! Bye-Bye...
10-06-2005  Tiger By The Tail: The First Big One   11-30-2005  If you can make it there...
10-10-2005  Wheeler A Dealer in Barnum   12-05-2005  A Christmas Story
10-16-2005  40 Years Later, Classic To Carnage    


Higgins' Scuffs - 2006    
01-03-2006 The Media Tour's Twilight Zone   06-28-2006  Hail To The Chief -- And The King
01-11-2006  Daytona or Bust   07-03-2006  Cale The Courageous
01-18-2006  Hall, Hall, The Gang's All Here!   07-10-2006  Catch a Striper For Me
01-25-2006  Gone! With The Wind...   07-17-2006  The Terrible Tunnel Turn
01-31-2006  Once Upon A Time In Daytona   07-25-2006  The Greatest? Hardly...
02-07-2006  Even with 10 grand in bodywork, the Gray Ghost was  worth it   07-31-2006  Battlin' Benny
02-13-2006  The King And The Fox   08-08-2006  A Banner Day At Watkins Glen
02-20-2006  Dear Champ...   08-14-2006  Fine Fair Fare
02-27-2006  A Grand Slam Grand Marshal   08-21-2006  Miracle In Thunder Valley
03-08-2006  A Pitch For The Pioneers   08-30-2006  Black Arm Band Time
03-13-2006  Atlanta Or Bust   09-05-2006  Screaming At The TV Screen
03-20-2006  Vindication For The Wild Man   09-11-2006  Big Man's Big Voice Falters...
03-28-2006  Brer Earles' Briar Patch   09-20-2006  The Junie-Jody Show
04-04-2006  A Heavy Toll, Happy Ending   09-25-2006  Alfalfa Jim
04-10-2006  The Whoa-Go Bombshell   10-03-2006  A Talladega Thriller
04-15-2006  Also Known As...   10-10-2006  Wilson to receive hall of Fame's Golden Wrench
04-25-2006  'Stars Fell On Alabama'   10-16-2006  Don't Mess With Martinsville
05-02-2006  Whupped!   10-23-2006  Turmoil in Hot-Lanta
05-09-2006  The Duke Of Darlington   10-29-2006  Lone Star salutes await Terry Labonte
05-15-2006  Star Wars   11-05-2006  A Special Day for Special K 
05-22-2006  The Thunderbolts 600   11-15-2006  A Duel In The Sun
05-29-2006  A Memorial Day Tribute To An Old Soldier, Harry Hyde   12-06-2006  Race City Reunion
06-06-2006  Bud Moore, An American Hero   12-11-2006  Those Were The Days...
06-12-2006  Long Race The King   12-26-2006  Testing, Testing...
06-20-2006  Sea Lions, Suits And Sears Point    


Higgins' Scuffs - 2007    
01-04-2007 Daytona Through The Decades   08-07-2007 We're Having A Heat Wave
01-08-2007 Unforgettable Bobby Hamilton    
01-09-2007  Awesome Andretti!!!!!    
01-15-2007  Written On The Wind    
01-17-2007  Mr. Benny    
01-22-2007  Die is cast for Awesome Bill    
01-29-2007  Daytona's Flash Gordon    
02-05-2007  Earnhardt dominates in '90 but win goes to Cope    
02-14-2007  'Playing with Pain' Neil Bonnett wrote that book in NASCAR    
04-23-2007  In Memory Of Old Occoneechee    
05-01-2007  The Battle For Richmond    
05-09-2007  Mothers Day Madness    
05-16-2007  'Bigger than big' Earnhardt Jr's move recalls a big one two decades ago    
05-22-2007  The Son Also Rises    
05-31-2007  Concrete and Crabcakes    
06-04-2007  Bump And Run    
06-11-2007  A Good Ol' Boy In Gen. Custer's Court    
06-18-2007  Golden Gate...Golden Memories    
06-26-2007  Rock, But No Role    
07-02-2007  Sakes, Er, Sacks Alive!    
07-09-2007  Old Soldiers...    
07-19-2007  Indy or Bust!!!!    
07-24-2007  Of Sharks And Battlin' Bodines...    


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