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Look back on Fifty Years of NASCAR

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Testing the sands of time

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It all started with races on the famed Daytona beach/road course in the late 1940s.

When Bill France Sr. organized NASCAR in 1947, most people thought he was just playing in the sand. It took nearly 50 years for many to realize he was actually mining for gold.

France called the first organizational meeting of what would become NASCAR on Dec. 14, 1947, at the Streamline Hotel in Daytona Beach. From that meeting, the group organized races that would be run on the Daytona beach/road course. The races had to be timed between the tides, allowing the field enough room to race and those watching to have a relatively safe viewing point.

From those humble beginnings, France saw gold in the stock cars racing between the tides. He had a vision of what NASCAR could become with the proper organization and promotion. In its golden anniversary, it was clear that NASCAR's growth had exceeded even France's wildest dreams.

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Take a look back at 50 years of stock car racing

From NASCAR founder Bill France's humble beginnings to Richard Petty's run as "The King of stock car racing" to Jeff Gordon's modern-day successes, it's all in the History section.

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Examine the people behind the sport's success

Throughout NASCAR's glorious history it's been graced with more than it's fair share of unique personalities. Find out all about the people who have made NASCAR what it is today.

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Learn about the advances in cars and tracks

Life in the NASCAR garage area has changed a great deal in the last 50 years. Advances in the cars, tools, rules and tracks have all improved the final product -- good, competitive racing.nascar footer

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