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The basis for Stock Car Racing History is to document and preserve the history of NASCAR.  One of the most incomplete categories for this site and database is NASCAR Owners.  In the early days of NASCAR, record keeping was not complete and thus, making accuracy of the information and in turn, presentation of the data and utilizing it in a statistical form an area of "gray" matter and unanswered questions.

For example, in NASCAR's first race, at Charlotte Speedway, there were 33 cars entered.  Based on the original data that I had available when I first compiled the database, there was only Owner data listed on 19 cars.  Over the course of years since 1997, there are a few sites that have data listed for early race data and as best as possible, the information in my database had been updated to reflect as accurately and possible, the race data.

In the interest of striving for accuracy, for this site and the statistical database, the decision was made to focus on accuracy of owner data that is available.  For example, in the first race, Clarence Benton is listed as finishing in the 31st position and originally no owner information was listed.  Records indicate that Clarence Benton is credited with only one race and that being his entry in the first Strictly Stock Race.

What I look to present, in terms of NASCAR Owner Data is information that reflects as accurately possible, is Race Winners Owner data.  I'll break them down in two categories, Active Owners and Inactive Owners.

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