A Speedworld special series on the history of NASCAR

In 1998 NASCAR will celebrate it's 50th anniversary. Speedworld will be celebrating the Fifty Years of NASCAR throughout all of 1998 by providing history articles on some of NASCAR's greatest moments and past events, as well as creating a special section devoted to the past Fifty years with many features and articles throughout 1998. Sit back, and join in the celebration of the Fifty Years of NASCAR.

ADMIN NOTE: This collection of articles has been formatted as close to the original page layout on the original website www.speedfx.com (site is no longer active)  I originally saved all these articles as text files, so I lost the formatting of the page.

Two of the articles, "I Dig Rocking Around With You" and "Atlanta Over The Decades" I'm not certain if they were ever in the original collection of articles, but I have included them.

Three additional articles, "Alan Kulwicki: Running Down a Dream" and "Remembering Dayey" and "Remembering Davey - Part 2" I've included links to.  I have the original HTML files that I downloaded, and the date stamps are from 2001.  If memory serves me, these articles were probably published during the 2000 season, corresponding with the anniversary of the day that both AK and Davey passed away.


50 Years of NASCAR History Articles    
Atlanta Over The Decades    
I Dig Rocking Around With You    
The Hickory Winds Blow Cold   North Wilkesboro
David Slays Goliath   The Ford-Chrysler Duel
By The Time I Get to Phoenix   The Bristol Stomp
Until the Fat Lady Sings   The Big Blocks
Charlotte in the Fall   Darlington Raceway
One Magical Season: Part 3   Tim Richmond: We Remember - Part 2
The Bump and Grind   Tim Richmond: We Remember - Part 1
One Magical Season: Part 2   Tales From the Days of Yore
High Stakes on the High Banks   Atlanta Motor Speedway
One Magical Season: Part 1   J.D. Stacey
The Fall of Richmond   Las Vegas Motor Speedway
The Southern 500 Part 6   "The Rock"
The Southern 500 Part 5   The Daytona 500: Part 10
The Southern 500 Part 4   Swervin' Irvan & the 2nd Generation: Part 9
The Southern 500 Part 3   Hendrick & Awesome Bill: Part 8
The Southern 500 Part 2   Little Cars & Big Bucks: Part 7
The Southern 500 Part 1   Heart Stoppers & Heart Warmers - Part 6
Better Get Back To Tennessee, Jed   The Factories Go Home - Part 5
MPH, Not MPG, The Michigan Of Old Road Warriors   The Daytona 500: 1965-1970- Part 4
Road Warriors   The Daytona 500: 1960-1964 - Part 3
Controversy... Let It Rage - Part 2   The First Daytona 500 - Part 2
Controversy... Let It Rage - Part 1   Racing on the Beach - Part 1
Close But No Cigar!   Larry LoPatin and American Raceways
Hot Fun in the Summer Time!   Fuelish Pride
Hallowed Ground   The Day the Music Almost Died
My One and Only: Part 2   DW & DiGard: Breaking Up is Hard to Do
My One and Only: Part 1   Winston to the Rescue
Hotter Than the Fourth of July   1964: Drama & Danger Part 2
You Never Forget Your First - Part 3   1964: Drama & Danger Part 1
Road Rage   In the Beginning...
You Never Forget Your First - Part 2   Ford Strikes Out: The 1966 Boycott
Triumph, Tragedy, and the Tunnel Turn   Before He Was Awesome
You Never Forget Your First - Part 1   Chrysler Plays Hardball
The Luck of the Irish   A Million to One
Islip: Long Island, Short Track   Seven Up: The King Wins his 7th Title
Richmond: The Petty's and NASCAR   Tim Richmond:  All But Fogotten
The Monster is Coming!   The Great Spoiler Debate of 1981
Temper, Temper: Part 2   The Original Golden Boy
The World 600   The Greatest Race Ever
Temper, Temper! Part 1   The Petty/Allison Feud
The Winston: Checkers or Wreckers   The First Super Team
Occoneecheed Speedway   Truth is Stranger than Fiction - Part 2
Trenton: The Speedway of the North   Truth is Stranger than Fiction - Part 1
Texas World: Field of Shattered Dreams   Memorable Moments at Phoenix
Ontario: The Best Laid Plans   Like a Rock
Talladega: Do You Feel a Draft?   Richard Petty becomes "The King"
Martinsville in the Spring   Charlotte: Bright Lights and Dark Days
Hickory: The Birthplace of Legends   Those Cheatin' Ways
Oddities: Short takes - Part 2   The Talladega Curse
Oddities: The Bizarre and Peculiar: Part 1   Showdown in Alabama
Kid Lightening    


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